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About the Owner Keronna

Ke-Ron-NA struggle came long before the pandemic, but the pandemic end up giving her a break. In April 2019, her family lost their home. In June 2019, Keronna lost her job and in August 2019, God called her husband home.  Aaron and Keronna had been married for 10 yrs and together for 11. Keronna was left to raise 3 kids with no job and tried to continue to live a normal life for her kids.  As a kid, Kee always enjoyed putting on her mom's and granny's makeup. When Kee got older she discovered her first tube of lipstick, a dark burgundy color by Fashion Fair and that's when she fell in love. Aaron admired Kee wearing bold lipsticks whenever they stepped out, but he could also appreciate her natural beauty. He would always tell her you have enough lip gloss and lipstick to have your own store. She would never have on just one color. Nevertheless, friends and loved ones always admired the colors she would wear. At 37, with 3 kids Kee realized it's never to late to turn what you love into a career and that's when Kee Kisses was born! After loosing her husband at such a young age, Kee looks at life a little different now. Every morning when Kee wakes up, she looks in the mirror and tells herself -At some point you gotta face your fears & do what you gotta do to be where you want to be, today is a new day- and then she blows herself a kiss.
-Kisses from Kee